I built a linking formula to link data on several sheets, Budget 2003, Budget 2004, and Budget 2005. Excel informed me that my formula is wrong. What next?


When the sheet name contains spaces, such as Budget 2003, you need to place single quotation marks around it when you are making sheet references.


Why didn't Excel update the data in my linked workbooks?


If both the source and dependent workbooks are open, Excel updates the links automatically. The Update Now button in the Links dialog box is available only if the source workbook is not already open and if any linked formulas have been changed since the last update. Choose Edit, Links and then click the Update Values button in the Edit Links dialog box to update the data in both workbooks.


How do I delete a custom toolbar that I no longer use?


Right-click the custom toolbar and choose Customize. In the Customize dialog box, choose the custom toolbar you want to delete and then click the Delete button in the Customize dialog box. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. Excel removes the toolbar from the list, and the toolbar is no longer available.


I messed up my Standard toolbar and want to restore the original buttons. Is that possible?


Absolutely. Choose View, Toolbars, Customize. Choose the Toolbars tab in the Customize dialog box and select the Standard toolbar in the Toolbars list. Click the Reset button and click Close. Excel should restore the Standard toolbar, displaying its original tools and settings.


How do I remove a workbook shortcut icon from my Windows desktop?


Click the shortcut icon to select it and then press the Delete key. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. Excel removes the shortcut icon from the desktop.


I locked the cells I want to protect, and I can still change the entries in those cells. What should I do?


You also need to protect the worksheet by choosing Tools, Protection, Protect Sheet. In the Protect Sheet dialog box, choose any options you want. A password is optional. Then click OK.


I know I'm typing the correct password on a protected file, but Excel won't accept the password. What am I doing wrong?


Are you sure you're typing the correct password? If so, are you typing the password with the correct case. Excel passwords are case sensitive. Try it again.


I copied cells from one workbook to another and now some of the cells contain #REF!. What happened?


Evidently you copied a formula that contains a reference to a cell that is invalid. This means you probably deleted a referenced cell.

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