Hour 16. Auditing and Validating Your Work

The topics of this hour include the following:

  • How to audit formulas

  • How to validate data

  • How to circle invalid data

  • How to use constants and formulas

  • How to define label ranges

In this hour, you learn auditing terms, use the Formula Auditing toolbar, check and review worksheet data, learn how values are determined, and track problems in formulas. You'll also use the Data Validation command to validate the data in your worksheets and circle any invalid data so that you can make the corrections.

When this hour ends, you'll be auditing and validating the data in your own worksheets to catch errors. By doing the exercises in this hour and using Excel's formula auditing and validation tools, you'll discover how quick and easy it is to audit and validate your work.

    Part I: Excel Basics
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