Hour 20. Automating Tasks with Macros and Smart Tags

The highlights in this hour are as follows:

  • What a macro is and what it can do for you

  • How to create a macro

  • How to run a macro

  • How to fix macro errors

  • How to attach a macro to a toolbar

  • How to use a macro in other workbooks

  • How to prevent macro viruses

During this hour, you will learn how to use macros to simplify your work in Excel, making you more efficient and leaving time for other things you need to do on the job. Macros are not difficult to create and use. They are special instructions that control how Excel functions.

The To Do exercises in this hour show you how to automate Excel through macros. You learn how to create, record, run, edit, and delete macros in one hour. You create a simple macro to change the font and font size of data. When you run this macro, all you have to do is sit back and watch what it does for you. It's that easy.

When this hour ends, and after you're comfortable with the macro tools and features you learn about in this hour, you'll be able to experiment with Excel and simple macros.

    Part I: Excel Basics
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