Adding Special Effects with WordArt

You can use Excel's WordArt to create special text effects and insert the text into your worksheet. Perhaps you want to create logos, display type, or other interesting and eye-catching text for your Excel worksheets using WordArt. You can bend, twist, turn, and angle WordArt text; change the font size, and font style; and add formatting features to the text using one or more colors or textures. You can even add a drop shadow to the text.

Creating a WordArt Object

When you create a WordArt object, you can take creative license to make up any kind of logo, fancy text, or piece of text artwork to embellish your worksheet. WordArt styles range from funky to serious and somber.

The next exercise walks you through creating fancy text with WordArt on the Sheet3 sheet.

To Do: Insert WordArt
  1. Click the Insert menu and choose Picture, WordArt. The WordArt Gallery dialog box opens. Thirty WordArt styles are available, as shown in Figure 11.8.

    Figure 11.8. The WordArt Gallery dialog box, displaying WordArt styles.


  2. Click the WordArt style in the first row, fourth column to select the WordArt style for the fancy text you're going to create.


    You can also insert WordArt from the Drawing toolbar. Simply click the Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar to display the WordArt Gallery dialog box.

  3. Click OK to confirm your style selection. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears (see Figure 11.9). This dialog box is where you type your text for the WordArt object. You can also change the font, font size, and font style here.

    Figure 11.9. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box.



    To delete a WordArt object, click it to select it and press the Delete key. Excel removes the WordArt text from the worksheet.

  4. Type Email Vmail, which is the text for your WordArt creation.

  5. Click OK. The WordArt object and WordArt toolbar should appear in your worksheet. The white squares (selection handles) indicate that the object is selected.

  6. Click outside of the WordArt logo to deselect the object and hide the WordArt toolbar.

Modifying a WordArt Object

After you insert a WordArt object, you can format the art to make it as plain or fancy as you want. When you insert a WordArt object into a worksheet, Excel displays the WordArt toolbar (see Figure 11.10). This toolbar contains tools for making changes to WordArt objects.

Figure 11.10. WordArt toolbar.


In the To Do exercise, you learn how to modify the WordArt logo you created. You change the font, font size, and color for the logo.

To Do: Modify WordArt
  1. Click the WordArt logo to select it. Selection handles appear around the artwork, and the WordArt toolbar shows up.

  2. Click the Edit Text button on the WordArt toolbar. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears. Here's where you can change the font, font size, and font style.

  3. Click the Font down arrow and choose Book Antiqua (or any other font you want).

  4. Click the Font Size down arrow and choose 28.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click the Format WordArt button on the WordArt toolbar. The Format WordArt dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 11.11. This dialog box has options for colors, lines, size, protection, properties, and the Web.

    Figure 11.11. Format WordArt dialog box.


  7. Click the Colors and Lines tab if necessary. This tab offers fill, line, and arrow options. You want to change the color of the WordArt text.

  8. Click Color down arrow in the Fill section. Choose Red.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click outside the object to make the selection handles and WordArt toolbar disappear.

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