Why can't I see the end of some of my labels on the worksheet? They appear correctly in the Formula bar.


If the label appears cut off, the column isn't wide enough and there's an entry to the right. Try widening the column or using AutoFit.


Why do some of the buttons on the toolbar dim out when I am entering data in a cell?


When you're typing data in a cell, you're technically in Edit mode, and most of the program features are unavailable. As soon as you enter the data (by pressing Enter, pressing a directional arrow key, or clicking the green check mark on the Formula bar), the functionality of the buttons comes back.


I copied several cells to the Clipboard, but I couldn't find them on the Clipboard. What happened?


The Clipboard holds the last 24 items you copied or cut?not just from within Excel, but from the other Office programs on your computer. It's possible that the cells you copied were overwritten by more recent items you placed on the Clipboard. Delete some items or click Clear All on the Clipboard to remove all the items. Of course, when you close Windows, the contents of the Clipboard are cleared.


If I clear the contents of a cell, can I enter new data into it later?


Yes?clearing the contents of a cell is like using an eraser: The cells you clear still remain in the worksheet.

    Part I: Excel Basics