When I try to open my Web page files, I can't find them. What do I do?


Web page files that were converted to HTML format have the file extension HTM or HTML. In the Open dialog box, choose Web Pages (*.htm;*html) in the Files of Type box.


When I try to use my Web browser, I can't access the Internet. What next?


You are probably experiencing either modem or network connection problems. Check your modem connection. Log on to your Internet service provider again. Consult your network administrator.


I attempted to add an FTP site, and Excel displays an error message informing me that the FTP site doesn't exist. What should I do?


All FTP address begin with FTP://. Be sure that you typed the FTP address correctly. Otherwise, ask the FTP site's system administrator for the correct FTP site name.


I logged on as an anonymous user to an FTP site. I can access only certain areas of the site, and I can't upload my Web pages from Excel. What is wrong?


Anonymous users are given access to only certain public areas of a site. You might find that you can download files from the FTP site, but you might not be able to upload files. Ask the FTP site's system administrator if you can have a user ID and a password that gives you access to more FTP site areas and lets you upload files.

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