When I copied and pasted data from an Excel worksheet into a Word document, and then made changes to the worksheet in Excel, why didn't the worksheet in Word change to reflect the new data?


Instead of copying and pasting, you need to link the Excel worksheet to the Word document in order to update the worksheet automatically. To do so, select the Edit, Paste Special command and the Paste Link option in the Paste Special dialog box. In the As list box, make sure that Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object is selected.


After embedding an Excel worksheet in Word and changing data in the worksheet, why do the Excel toolbars instead of the Word toolbars display onscreen?


Click outside the worksheet area to display the Word toolbars.


What can I do to correct embedding the wrong worksheet from the workbook in my Word document?


When you embed a worksheet object, the entire workbook is inserted. To display the correct worksheet in Word, double-click the worksheet in the Word document, click the sheet tab you want, and then click outside of the worksheet area in Word.


When I tried sending my workbook in an email message via Outlook directly from Excel, why didn't the recipient receive my message?


Be sure that you're connected and online with Microsoft Exchange or a network. Then try sending the mail again.


I cannot find the E-mail button on the Standard toolbar.


Make sure that Microsoft Outlook is installed on your computer. If it isn't, the E-mail button does not appear on the Standard toolbar.

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