An efficient, inexpensive, quick way of communicating using the Internet. You can use an email program, such as Outlook, to create and send email messages.

email address

The string of characters that identifies someone's email name and provider. The address usually follows this format: sohara@quepublishing.com. The first part is the username; the second part is the mail-provider name. The two parts are separated with an @ sign.


Something you schedule using the Calendar feature of Outlook. An event may be an appointment, a meeting, or something similar.

Find bar

The bar that appears when you want to search for an item such as a message in your email folders or an event in your Calendar.


A way to mark an item. For instance, you can flag an email message that requires some follow-up action.


In Outlook, the place where email messages are stored. You have folders for messages you have received (Inbox), messages you have sent (Sent Items), messages you have Deleted (Deleted Items), as well as several others. Outlook, like Windows XP, uses folders for storing files and documents.


To send a message along to someone else. For instance, jokes are often forwarded to share with others.