Printing a Calendar



After you've selected Day, Work Week, Week, or Month view, open the File menu and choose Print.


In the Number of Copies field, type the number of copies you want to print.


Using the Start and End drop-down lists in the Print Range area, specify the days you want your printout to include.


Click OK to print your calendar.


If you need a hard copy of your schedule, you can print your calendar. To print your daily or weekly schedule, start in Day, Work Week, or Week view. To print a month-at-a-glance, start in Month view.


Changing the Print Style

Outlook automatically selects the print style that matches the current Calendar view. If needed, however, you can change to another style by selecting it from the Print Style list in the Print dialog box.


Using Print Shortcuts

If you prefer using Outlook's toolbars to its menus, click the Print button to open the Print dialog box. Alternatively, press Ctrl+P.