Selecting an Address from Your Address Book



Create a new mail message (refer to the task "Creating and Sending a New Message" for help). Then, in the Untitled Message window, click the To button.


The Select Names dialog box opens, listing all the names in your Address Book. In the list, click the name of your recipient.


Click the To button.


Rather than typing an e-mail address, which can lead to errors, you can select a name from your Address Book, which includes a list of contacts. (You learn more about managing your contacts in Part 5, "Organizing Contacts.")



The name is added to the Message Recipients list. Click OK.


The name is added to the To box in the mail message. Type a subject for the message, type the message body, and send the message as usual.


Selecting a Name in the Address Book

If your Address Book contains a long list of addresses, you can quickly locate the name you want by typing the first few characters of the name. Outlook scrolls to and selects the first name that matches your input.