Attaching a File to a Message



After you've created a new message, completing the To and Subject fields and typing the message text, click the Insert File button on the Message window's toolbar.


The Insert File dialog box opens, displaying the contents of the My Documents folder. Navigate to the drive and folder that contains the file you want to attach.


In addition to sending text messages, you can attach files to messages. For example, you might send in your expense report to your office, submit a chapter to your editor, or send a picture of your child to his grandparents.


Finding a File

You can change to another drive or folder by using the Look In drop-down list, the Up One Level button, or the Places bar. You can also double-click any one of the listed folders to open and select files within that folder.


Downloading Attachments

Depending on the recipient's connection speed, a file attachment can take a while to download. For this reason, you may want to compress the file(s) into a compressed folder before sending.



Click the file you want to attach to select it.


Click Insert.


The mail window now includes an Attach box, which lists the file you selected. Send the message as usual by clicking the Send button.


A Word on File Types

For the recipient to open the file, he or she must have the appropriate software program. For example, if you send a Word document, the recipient must have a program that can open and work with Word documents. If you are not sure, you can save the document using a generic file type such as plain text when you create the actual file.


Removing a File Attachment

To remove a file attachment from an e-mail message, right-click the filename in the message window's Attach box and click Remove.