Checking Spelling



Create a new message, completing the To and Subject fields and typing the message text.


Open the Tools menu and choose Spelling to start Outlook's Spell Checker. Outlook compares the words in your message to words in its dictionary, flagging any words it cannot find.


If a word that has been flagged is spelled incorrectly, and the correct spelling is listed in the Spelling dialog box, select the correct word from the Suggestions list and click Change or Change All.


Just because e-mail is somewhat informal does not mean that you should not check your work. In addition to proofreading your message, you can use Outlook to check the spelling.


Typing the Correct Spelling

If the word is spelled incorrectly but the correct spelling is not listed in the Spelling dialog box, type the correct spelling and then click Change or Change All.


Changing Spelling Options

To set spelling options, such as whether certain words are not checked, open the Tools menu and choose Options. Click the Spelling tab, make any changes, and click OK.



If a word that has been flagged is spelled correctly, click Ignore Once or Ignore All to skip the word.


Continue changing or ignoring all the flagged words. When the spelling check is complete, Outlook notifies you by displaying a message box; click OK.


Adding a Word to the Dictionary

If Outlook has flagged a word that is not misspelled, and it is a word that you commonly use, you can add it to Outlook's dictionary so that it won't be flagged the next time you use it. To do so, click the Add to Dictionary button in the Spelling dialog box.


Automatically Correcting a Word

If you often misspell a particular word and want to have Outlook automatically correct it, select or type the correct spelling in the Spelling dialog box and click AutoCorrect.