Using the Outlook Toolbar



Click the button that represents the command you want to execute. For example, to send and receive e-mail messages, click the Send/Receive button.


If a button features a drop-down arrow, click the arrow to display additional commands, and then click the desired command. For example, to create a new message, click the New button and select Mail Message from the list that appears.


In addition to using the Outlook menus to issue commands, you'll find buttons for commonly used commands on the Outlook toolbar.


Toolbars Reflect Selected Tool

The buttons and commands available on the toolbar change depending on what tool is selected?Calendar, Mail, or what have you. For example, if you click the down arrow next to the New button while using the Mail tool, you'll see commands for creating new mail messages. If you click the same button while working with Calendar, however, you'll see commands for scheduling new appointments.