Viewing the Calendar Window



After starting Outlook, click Calendar in the Outlook Bar.


Calendar opens, displaying today's calendar. The main window breaks up the day into hours and displays any scheduled events.


The task pane displays the current month. Click any date in that month to view its scheduled activities.


The toolbar includes buttons for scheduling and managing events as well as for changing the view.


When you select the Calendar tool in the Outlook Bar, the Calendar window opens, displaying various tools and options that relate to this feature. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Calendar window.


Accessing Calendar

You can also change to Calendar (and other Outlook features) by opening the Go menu and choosing Calendar. Alternatively, press the Calendar shortcut key, Ctrl+2.


Handling Early-Morning Events

When you display a date, Outlook displays 8 a.m. as the top line in the main work area. You can schedule and view events earlier than 8 a.m. by clicking the scroll buttons along the right side of the Outlook window.