Scheduling a Meeting



Open the Actions menu and choose New Meeting Request.


The Untitled Meeting window opens; it includes many of the same options as an Appointment window. Click the To button to add contacts.


The Select Attendees and Resources dialog box opens. From the list of contacts, select a person you want to invite to the meeting.


Click the Required button or Optional button, depending on the selected contact's attendance. The selected contact is added to the list of invitees.


Outlook handles meetings a little differently from run-of-the-mill appointments. To schedule a meeting, you specify the contacts who are invited to attend, enter in meeting details, and email the group to set up the meeting.


Getting Help with Email

For detailed information on sending email messages, see Part 2 of this book. (For more information on contacts, see Part V of this book.)



Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each person you want to invite. When you're finished adding contacts, click OK.


Complete the meeting details as you would for a regular appointment?by setting a subject, a location, start and end dates and times, and a reminder.


Click Send. The meeting request is emailed to the invitees. When you receive the responses, you can confirm the meeting time.


Handling Meeting Requests

When an invitee receives a meeting request, he or she can accept, decline, propose a new time, or give a tentative answer. When you receive that invitee's reply, you can confirm the meeting.


Scheduling Resources

You can use Outlook to schedule resources, such as conference or training rooms. In that case, Outlook sends a message to the person who schedules those rooms, who can verify the resource's availability and then accept or decline on behalf of the resource.