Opening File Attachments



Display the message that contains the file attachment. (Messages with attachments are indicated with a paper clip icon.) Then Double-click the message to open it.


Double-click the attachment to open it.


Sometimes you will receive file attachments as part of a message. For example, your daughter might send you a digital photograph of your grandchild. You can then open and save this file.


Avoiding Viruses

File attachments sent with e-mail messages can contain viruses, which can cause problems on your computer. It's a good idea to use a virus-checking program such as Norton's Anti-Virus to scan any attachments for viruses . Also, never open attachments from senders you don't recognize.



Outlook starts the associated program and opens and displays the file.


The file is stored in a temporary folder when it is opened. (To save the file, see the next task.) When you are finished viewing the file, click the Close (x) button.


Specifying the Correct Program

If Outlook doesn't know which program to use to open the file, you are prompted to select the program.


Handling Forwarded Messages

Often, messages that have been forwarded are sent as attachments. You may have to double-click the message attachment several times to open the actual message.