Archiving Messages



Open the File menu and choose Archive.


Select the folder or folders containing messages you want to archive.


Click the down arrow to the right of the Archive Items Older Than field and select a date. Messages in the folder that are older than the selected date will be archived.


If you want to keep older messages, but not have them displayed in your mail folders, you can archive them. Most commonly, you archive messages within a certain date range. If needed, you can display the archived messages at any time.


Viewing Archived Messages

To open and view an archived message, click the plus sign (+) next to Archive Folders in the All Mail Folders list, and then double-click the folder with messages you want to view (deleted items, sent items, and so on) . Those messages are displayed. You can double-click a message to open it.



In the Archive File field, Outlook lists the folder in which the archived messages will be stored by default. To choose a different folder, click the Browse button.


The Open Personal Folders dialog box opens. Navigate to and select the folder in which you want to archive your messages and click OK.


Click OK in the Archive dialog box. The messages are removed from the mail folders and archived.


Viewing AutoArchive Settings

You can use Outlook's AutoArchive settings to automatically archive messages on a set schedule. To do so, open the Tools menu, choose Mailbox Cleanup, and click the AutoArchive button.


More on Mailbox Cleanup

For easy access to tools that will help you keep your mailbox tidy, use Outlook's Mailbox Cleanup dialog box (open the Tools menu and choose Mailbox Cleanup) . From this dialog box, you can archive messages, empty your Deleted Items folder, and more.