Adding a Search Folder



Right-click the Search Folders folder in the list and then select New Search Folder from the shortcut menu that appears.


The New Search Folder dialog box opens, displaying a list of several predesigned search folders. If needed, click the scroll buttons to scroll through the list.


In the All Mail Folders list, Outlook includes various search folders designed to contain messages of a specified type. For instance, Outlook by default includes Search folders with messages flagged for follow up, unread messages, and large messages. You can add other search folders as needed. For example, you might want to set up a search folder for all e-mail with attachments. Messages that meet the Search folders criteria are automatically placed in that folder.



Click one of the predesigned search folders to select it.


Click OK.


The new search folder is added to the Search Folders list under All Mail Folders. Outlook also checks any existing messages and includes them in this search folder, along with any new folders that meet the criteria.


Customizing Search Folders

When you select a search folder, the Customize Search Folder options in the New Search Folder dialog box become available. Click the Choose button to view (and, if needed, modify) the criteria for this search folder.