Viewing the Contacts Window



Click the Contacts button in the Outlook Bar.


A list of contacts you have entered appears. By default, the list displays both the mailing and e-mail address of each contact (unless no mailing address has been entered).


To change how your contacts are displayed in the list, click one of the view options in the Current View area of the Outlook task bar.


To keep track of clients, vendors, friends, family, co-workers, and others, you can use Outlook's Contacts feature. You most often use Contacts to quickly enter an e-mail address, but the Contacts feature also is useful for entering traditional contact information such as street addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and so on. In this task, take some time to explore the Contacts window.


Adding Contacts

You'll learn how to add contacts in the next task.



Click any of the buttons on the right side of your screen to quickly display a set of contacts, such as contacts whose last names start with the letter S.


The toolbar includes buttons for creating and managing contacts.


Exiting Outlook

To exit Outlook, click the Close button in the Outlook window, or open the File menu and choose Exit.