Changing the Contacts View



To view more detailed information about each contact in your list, click the Detailed Address Cards option button in the Current View area of the Contacts Task pane.


The contact list now displays more detailed information about each contact. To display your contacts as a phone list in table format, click the Phone List option button.


The phone numbers of each contact now appear. Click By Category, By Company, By Location, or By Follow-Up Flag to group your contacts.


The contacts are grouped according to the criterion you selected (here, By Company).


When you first open Outlook's Contacts feature, the Contacts window opens in Address view, which displays both the e-mail and mailing address of each contact You can change the view to see your contact list in another order.


Using the View Menu

If you prefer, you can use the View menu to arrange your contacts. Click View, Arrange By, and select the grouping you want.


Sorting by Using Column Headings

In the Phone List and Group By views, you can sort contacts using any of the available columns. For example, to sort the entries in your phone list by company, click the Company column heading.