Sending a Message to a Mailing List



In the contact list, click the mailing list to select it.


Click the New Message to Contact button on the main Outlook toolbar.


An Untitled Message window opens, featuring the group name in the To field. Type a subject for the message in the Subject field.


After you have set up a mailing list, creating e-mail messages to send to the group is a snap. You can do so from within the Contacts window (shown here) or from the Mail window.


Sending from the Mail Window

To send a message to a distribution list from within Outlook's Mail window, create the message and then click the To button. Select the mailing list from the contact list that appears, and then click To. Complete and send the e-mail message as normal. See Part 2 for more information about sending e-mail.



Click in the message area and type the contents of the message.


Click the Send button. Assuming you are online and have set up Outlook to automatically send your messages, the message will be sent.


Adding More Names

Suppose you plan to send a message to a group, but want to include a few additional recipients (without adding those recipients to the group itself). You can add other recipients to the To, Cc, or Bcc fields using the regular process: Display the Select Names dialog box, select a name, and click the appropriate button (To, Cc, or Bcc).