Color Coding Messages



Open the Tools menu and choose Organize Messages.


The Organize pane opens. Click the Using Colors link.


Click the down arrow next to the Color Messages field and choose From (to color all messages from a particular person) or Sent To (to color all messages to a particular person).


Type the e-mail address of the person whose messages you want to color.


In addition to using folders to organize messages, you can also use colors. For example, you might apply a special color to all messages from a particular person. You can then see at a glance which messages are from that person.


Moving Messages

You can also use the Organize pane to move messages to a different folder. To do so, open the Tools menu and choose Organize, click the Using Folders link, and select the messages you want to move. Display the Folder drop-down list, select the folder to which the selected messages should be moved, and click the Move button.



Click the down arrow next to the In field and select the color you want to apply.


Click the Apply Color button.


Messages that match the criteria are displayed in the color you selected.


Click the Organize pane's Close (x) button to close it.


Color Coding Messages Sent to You

If you want to color code messages sent only to you (in contrast to messages that were sent to several individuals), click the down arrow next to the Show Messages Sent Only to Me In field, choose a color from the list that appears, and then click the Turn On button.