Calling a Contact



After you create a new contact or open an existing one you want to call, click the down-arrow next to the AutoDialer button.


A list containing the contact's phone numbers appears; select the number you want to dial.


The New Call dialog box opens with the selected number entered. Click the Start Call button.


If your telephone is hooked up to your computer, you can use Outlook to dial a contact's phone number and connect the call. When the call goes through, you simply pick up your phone's receiver and talk.


A Shortcut

If you prefer, simply click?rather than open?the contact you want to call in the contact list, and then click the down-arrow next to the AutoDialer button to select the desired phone number.


Dialing the Default Number

To dial the contact's default number (the first number listed, which, in the standard list, is the business number), simply click the AutoDialer button rather than clicking the down-arrow next to it.



Outlook dials the number. When prompted, pick up your telephone receiver and click Talk.


Click End Call when the call is complete.


Click Close to close the New Call dialog box.


Only One Number?

If you have entered only one number for a contact, only that number is listed. If you have entered several, you can select which number to dial from the AutoDialer drop-down list.



To redial a previously dialed number, click Redial in the AutoDialer drop-down list shown in step 2, and then select the desired number from the list that appears. You can also set up and dial using speed-dial; consult Outlook's online help for speed-dial instructions.