Setting Up Multiple Mail Accounts



Open the Tools menu and choose Options to display the Options dialog box.


Click the Mail Setup tab.


The Mail Setup tab displays the options for setting up new mail accounts. Click the E-mail Accounts button to start the E-mail Accounts Wizard.


If more than one person uses your computer, you can use the Mail Setup tab in the Options dialog box to set up more than one mail account. That way, everyone can use Outlook to check his or her own mail.


Setting Account Options

After additional accounts are set up, click the Send/Receive button on the Mail Setup tab of the Options dialog box to display the Send/Receive Groups dialog box. You can then specify how often each account is checked by selecting the mail account you want to customize and then choosing the appropriate options.



In the first screen of the E-mail Accounts Wizard, click the Add a New E-mail Account option button and click Next.


Click the option button next to the type of server that the new e-mail account will use (you can obtain this information from your e-mail provider), and click Next.


The next steps vary depending on your selection in step 5. Complete the steps on each screen, clicking Next to move from screen to screen and clicking Finish at the end of the setup process.


Server Types and Names

Your e-mail provider should give you the specific information about your e-mail account type, including the server types and names.


Completing the Wizard

As you learned in step 6, the specific steps in the E-mail Accounts Wizard vary depending on the server type you select in step 5. In general, though, you'll enter basic e-mail account information such as your name, e-mail address, server names, username, and password.