Choosing Stationery



Open the Actions menu, choose New Mail Using, and then select More Stationery.


The Select a Stationery dialog box opens. In the Stationery list, click the stationery you want to use; a preview of the stationery appears in the Preview area.


When you find stationery that you like, click OK.


If you want your e-mail messages to look more professional or fancy, you can use Outlook's Stationery feature. You can select any one of Outlook's predesigned message formats.


Making Your Stationery Choice Permanent

To configure Outlook to always use stationery, open the Tools menu and choose Options. The Options dialog box opens; click the Mail Format tab. Click the down arrow next to the Use This Stationery by Default field, and choose the stationery you want to use from the list that appears. When you're finished, click OK.



Outlook creates a new message with the stationery you selected.


Just as you would in a regular e-mail message, complete the address information, type a subject, and type the message contents.


Click the Send button to send the message.


Getting More Stationery

Click the Get More Stationery button in the Select a Stationery dialog box to install additional stationery from Microsoft's Web site. Alternatively, if you see an alert message notifying you that more stationery is available on the Office setup disks, you can insert the appropriate disk and install the additional stationery when prompted.


Setting a Default Stationery

If you want to use a particular stationery for all new messages, you can set it as the default. See the next task to learn how.