Adding a Picture



After you've created a new contact or opened an existing one, click the Add Picture button in the Contact window's General tab.


The Add Contact Picture dialog box opens. Open the drive and folder that contains the image you want to add.


Double-click the picture file to add it to the Contact window. The picture is added.


Click the Save and Close button to update the contact record.


Suppose you manage a large department or team. To match the names of your employees with their faces, you can add a picture to each person's contact information. Alternatively, you might add pictures of your family and friends just for fun.


Opening Drives and Folders

In the Add Contact Picture dialog box, locate the drive and folder that contains the photo you want by clicking the down-arrow next to the Look In field, by clicking the Up One Level button, by clicking any of the folders in the Places bar, or by double-clicking any of the folders in the folders list.