Printing Contact Information



Depending on what you want to print, choose the appropriate view (here, Detailed Address Card) from the Current View area of the Contacts Task pane.


If you want to see how the printout will look before you print it, open the File menu and choose Print Preview.


When you are finished previewing the printout, click the Close button.


There may be times when you want to print contact information?for example, if you plan to travel without your laptop. You might print a company phone list or a list of customers with address and contact information for sales calls. Outlook lets you print contact information based on any of the available views.


Setting Up the Page

You can fine-tune your printout by using the Page Setup options, which vary depending on the current view. To open the Page Setup dialog box, click the Page Setup button in the Print Preview window, or open the File menu and choose Page Setup. Select the style to modify, make changes as needed, and click OK.



To print the contact information, open the File menu and choose Print.


The print options vary depending on the current view. For example, in Detailed Address Cards view, you can select from several print styles. Change your options as needed.


Type in the number of copies you want to print.


Click OK. The contact list is printed.


Print One Contact

To print a single contact, display that contact on-screen. Then select File, Print and click OK.



If you're confident your printout will turn out fine, print it directly from the contact list by clicking the Print button on the main Outlook toolbar. Alternatively, press Ctrl+P.