Searching for a Task



Click the Find button on the Outlook window's toolbar.


A Find bar appears under the Outlook window's toolbar, displaying the find options. In the Look For text box, type a word or phrase used to identify the task.


Click the Find Now button.


Outlook displays matching items in the Tasks list. To close the Find bar, click the Close button on the Find bar. The task list now lists all tasks.


If you have many tasks scheduled, you may find that scrolling through all the tasks to find the one of interest is time consuming. Instead, you can search for the task. You can also search for a task if you remember only partial details of the task.


Opening an Item

To open a matched item, double-click it in the Search Results window.


Setting Search Options

Change the search options by clicking the Options button in the Find bar and then clicking Advanced Find. You can select to search based on status, time range, importance, and other task details. Make your choices and click Find Now.