Creating a Note



While in Notes view, click the New button on the Outlook toolbar.


A small Notes window opens, featuring the current date and time at the bottom. Click anywhere in the window and type your note.


Click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the small Notes window.


The note is added to the Notes area.


For information that doesn't fit neatly into a category, you can use Notes. For example, you may want to jot down ideas you have for a new proposal or product, or you might want to make note of a book or article of interest.


Using a Heading

Outlook uses the first line of the note as the note's heading. It's a good practice to type a one-line heading for each note so that you can easily identify its contents from the Notes list.


Changing Note Options

You can set the default Notes options from the Options dialog box. To do so, open the Tools menu and choose Options. Click the Note Options button to set the default note color, text size, and font.