A notation of activities associated with a contact?for example, calls, letters, email messages, faxes, and so on.

junk mail

Unsolicited mail. Just as you probably frequently receive junk mail sent via the post, you can also receive junk mail via email. This type of junk email is called spam.

See [hyperlink]
mailing list
See [distribution list]
mail provider

The company that provides your email service. Usually your ISP provides both Internet access and email, although you can sign up for just email accounts with services such as Hotmail.

mail server

The network computer that stores your email messages. When you go online, you download the messages from that computer to your computer. When you set up a mail account in Outlook, you need to enter the server names for both incoming and outgoing mail.


An activity that you can schedule with Calendar. You send out email invitations to the meeting; recipients then reply to your invitation.


A list of choices or commands for performing tasks within a program. The main menu names are listed in the menu bar. You can display the commands within the menu bar by clicking the menu name.


The medium through which you communicate in email. You compose and then send and receive email messages.


To access the Internet, you need a hardware device called a modem. Your modem is connected to your computer, as well as to your Internet service (usually through a phone line or cable).