Starting and Exiting Outlook



To start Outlook, click Start.


Click All Programs.


Click Microsoft Outlook.


Outlook is a multipurpose program used to manage several types of information. You can use Outlook to send and receive e-mail, keep track of contacts and appointments, jot notes, and more. Think of it as your personal assistant. In this task, you learn how to start Outlook.



The Outlook window opens, with the Outlook Today screen displayed. To use a different Outlook tool, such as Calendar, click it in the Outlook bar.


To exit Outlook, click the window's Close button.


Going Directly to Your Inbox

When Outlook first opens, you see the Outlook Today screen. You can go automatically to your Inbox by clicking the Inbox option on that screen.


Other Start Methods

Windows XP displays your system's default mail program on the first panel of the Start menu. If you have set this to Outlook, you can click the Start button and select Outlook from the top pane of the menu that appears. In addition, if Outlook is one of your most frequently used programs, it will be listed on the bottom pane of the Start menu; you can start Outlook by clicking the program name there.