Viewing Default Mail Folders



To display the contents of the Inbox, click Inbox under Favorite Folders or All Mail Folders. Here you see any messages you have received.


To view items you have deleted, click the Deleted Items folder. The contents of this folder are displayed.


To view messages you have sent, click the Sent Items folder. A list of the messages you have sent appears.


Outlook sets up default mail folders for common items, including the Inbox for mail you've received, the Outbox for mail that's ready to be sent, as well as Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Drafts. Outlook also automatically sets up certain Favorite Folders. You can use this folder list to quickly access commonly used folders. You can select a folder from the Favorite Folders or the All Mail Folders list to display the contents of any listed folder.


Displaying the Folder List

By default, when the Mail feature is selected, Outlook displays only mail folders in the Outlook Bar. To display all your Outlook folders?not just the ones related to Mail?in the Outlook Bar, click the Folder List button in the Outlook Bar.



Click the For Follow Up folder in the Favorite Folders list to display any messages you have flagged for follow-up.


To view all unread messages, even ones you've deleted, click the Unread Mail folder.


Customizing Favorite and Folders

For information about customizing the folders in the Favorite Folders, see "Adding Folders to the Favorite Folders List" later in this part.