Customizing Contact Fields



After you create a new contact or open an existing one, click the down-arrow next to the field you want to customize.


Select a different field-name option from the list that appears.


The field name is changed. Type any needed information into the newly named field (here, the contact's home address).


Click the Save and Close button.


Outlook doesn't limit you to using the fields that appear in the Contact window by default. Some fields, such as the ones in the Phone Numbers and Addresses areas, are preceded by down-arrow buttons, indicating that they are customizable. For example, you can click the down-arrow button next to the Business field in the Addresses section and choose Home from the list that appears, and then enter the contact's home address in the field. To again view the contact's business address, simply click the down-arrow again and choose Business from the list.


Viewing Fields

Suppose you've entered a home address as well as a business address for a contact. You can quickly view both addresses by clicking the All Fields tab in the Contact window. Then, click the down-arrow next to the Select From field and choose Address Fields from the list that appears. You can make changes to both addresses as needed from this tab.