Undeleting a Message



Click the Deleted Items folder in the All Mail Folders list.


You see the contents of the Deleted Items folder. Right-click the item you want to undelete.


Click Move to Folder in the shortcut menu that appears.


If you delete a message by mistake, you can retrieve it. As mentioned, Outlook does not delete a message, but simply moves it to the Deleted Items folder. You can open this folder and move the deleted message back to your Inbox or other folder. (This task works not only for messages but for any Outlook item you delete, such as a contact record, an appointment, and so on.)



The Move Items dialog box opens. Click the folder to which you want to move the deleted item.


Click OK.


The item is removed from the Deleted Items folder and is moved to the folder you selected?in this case, the Inbox. (You can open the Inbox to confirm that the move occurred.)


Emptying the Deleted Items Folder

You should periodically empty the Deleted Items folder to regain the space used to store these items. First, check that the folder doesn't contain any items you need. Then open the Tools menu and choose Empty Deleted Items Folder.


Moving Messages

When you undelete a message, you can move it back to its original folder, or to another folder altogether. For example, you might set up your own folders to keep mail organized and move deleted items to any of these folders.