Using Word to Create E-mail Messages



Open the Actions menu, choose New Mail Using, and select Microsoft Word (HTML).


Outlook opens what looks like a standard Message window, but it is in fact a Microsoft Word window.


Outlook enables you to use Microsoft Word to create e-mail messages; using Word provides many more options for formatting the message than Outlook does. You can choose more fonts, change alignments, use color, and make other common text and paragraph appearance changes.


Recipient Can't View Your Message?

For the people who receive your message to be able to properly view it, their mail program must support HTML format (most do). If a recipient has problems, however, try sending the message in plain-text format. See "Selecting an E-mail Format."



Just as you would in a regular e-mail message, complete the address information, type a subject, and type the message.


Using the Formatting toolbar or the Format menu, make changes as needed to the appearance of the text, such as changing the font.


Make any formatting changes to the paragraph alignment, such as indenting text or adding bullets.


Click the Send button. The message is sent.


Setting Word as the Default

You can select Word as the default program for creating e-mail messages. For more information, see "Setting the Default Mail Format" later in this part.