Opening and Editing an Existing Contact



Locate the contact you want to open in your contact list, and double-click it.


The Contact window opens, displaying information about the contact.


Click in a field and type or edit the information.


When you finish viewing or editing the contact information, click the Save and Close button in the Contact window's toolbar.


When you want to view the information you have entered about a contact, you can do so. For example, you might want to add to or edit the information. Or you might need to refer any notes or activities for the contact before making a phone call.


Locating a Contact

For help locating the contact you want to open, see the tasks "Scrolling Through Contacts" and "Searching for a Contact" later in this part.


Displaying Additional Contacts

You can move from one contact record to the next by clicking the Previous Item (up arrow) and Next Item (down arrow) buttons in the Contact window's toolbar.