Setting Contact and Journal Options



In the main Contacts window, open the Tools menu and choose Options.


The Options dialog box opens. To view or change contact options, click the Contact Options button.


Change how the contact is displayed and filed and whether a Contacts index is displayed. When you're finished, click OK.


Click the Journal Options button.


If the default settings for contacts or journal entries do not suit how you work, you can change them. For example, for contacts, you can change the format in which the contact name is displayed. For journal options, you can select which activities are automatically recorded.


Setting Contact Options

For Contact options, you can basically select the order they appear and how they are filed. The default order is First, (Middle), Last and the default file order is Last, First.



The Journal Options dialog box opens. Click to select the check boxes next to any activities or files that you want automatically recorded in your journal.


Click to select the check boxes next to the contacts for which you want to record the items selected in step 5.


Click OK to close the Journal Options dialog box.


Click OK to update both the contact and journal options and to close the Options dialog box.


Viewing Journal Activities

You can view any automatically journaled activities for a contact. See "Viewing a Contact Journal" for more information.


AutoArchive Journal Entries

Journal entries are archived using the default AutoArchive settings. If you want to use other settings (archive at a different interval, use a different archive folder, for instance), click AutoArchive Journal Entries, make your selections, and click OK.