Getting Help



In the Help box, located in the upper-right corner of the Outlook window, type keywords for the topic or question on which you want help (in this case, format message), and press Enter.


The Search Results pane opens, listing help topics that match the criteria you typed. Click the topic that appears to answer your question.


Outlook's Help program downloads a table of contents from the Microsoft Office help site. Articles on that site that pertain to your search entry appear in blue; click one whose title matches the information you seek.


If you can't remember how to perform a task or you want more information about one of Outlook's features, you can use Outlook's Help program. The fastest way to display help information is to click the Help button in the toolbar when you're connected to the Internet. You can then view help information on Microsoft's Office Web site.



A window displaying the help information opens. Review this information.


Click the article window's Close button to close it.


Click the Search Results (now titled Microsoft Outlook Help) pane's Close button to close it.


Getting Help Offline

If you are not online, you can use Outlook's built-in help by following the steps in this task. You'll see related topics from Outlook's help files; simply click the topic of interest.


Using Other Help Options

Another way to get help is to use the Help menu. Click Help, Microsoft Outlook Help; then type a question or keyword into the text box and click the Search button. Alternatively, click Table of Contents in the Help window to browse by topic through the various help articles.