Customizing the Button Bar



Click the Configure Buttons arrow in the Outlook Bar to display a menu of choices.


To enlarge the Button Bar, click the Enlarge Button Bar option. To make the Button Bar smaller, click Shrink Button Bar.


To add or remove buttons from the Button Bar, click Add or Remove Buttons in the Configure Buttons menu. In the list that appears, click highlighted buttons to remove them or unhighlighted buttons to add them.


The Outlook Button Bar, located at the bottom of the Outlook Bar, includes several buttons that enable you to quickly access various Outlook tools. You can customize the Outlook Button Bar to make it smaller (making more room for the top panes), and you can add or remove buttons. Select a layout that makes it easy for you to access the tools you use most frequently.


Making Buttons Bigger or Smaller

You can select the Enlarge Button Bar and Shrink Button Bar commands more than once. Each time you do, the buttons in the Button Bar grow or shrink, depending on your selection.



To change the order of the buttons, click Outlook Bar Options in the Configure Buttons menu.


The Outlook Bar Options dialog box opens. Select the button you want to move up and click Move Up. Alternatively, select the button you want to move down and click Move Down.


Click OK to confirm your choices.


You can see the effects of your changes.


Hiding Buttons

You can use the Outlook Bar Options dialog box to hide or display buttons. Any buttons that are checked are displayed; you can turn a button on or off by clicking the check box next to it.


Resetting Buttons

To reset the buttons to the original, default order, click Reset in the Outlook Bar Options dialog box.