Opening and Editing an Existing Task



Double-click the task you want to open. (You may need to change views first; refer to the task "Changing the View of the Tasks List" earlier in this part for help.)


The Tasks window opens, displaying details about the selected task. Make changes to the task as needed.


When you are finished editing the task, click the Save and Close button. The task information is updated.


No doubt there will be times when you'll want to view the details of a task, perhaps to verify or change some aspect of the task.


Selecting a Group of Tasks

Outlook groups task by date (today, tomorrow, and so on) . You can easily select several items by clicking the category. For example, to select all tasks scheduled for today, click the heading Date: Today.


Editing from the Tasks List

You can also make changes from the Tasks list. Click in any of the displayed fields and make a change. For example, to change the subject, click within this field and then edit the text. Click outside the task to update the item.