Using the Outlook Menu Bar



Click a menu name in the menu bar (in this case, File).


The menu opens, displaying a list of available commands. Click a command to execute it, or click outside the menu to close the menu without making a selection.


The Outlook menu bar lists the commands you can execute within Outlook. When you want to perform a particular action in Outlook, you select the appropriate command from the menu bar. For example, to print a message, you open the File menu and select the Print command. In this task, you'll explore Outlook's various menus.


Command Not Available?

If a command in a menu is colored gray, that command is unavailable. For example, the Paste command in the Edit menu is grayed out until you cut or copy text to be pasted.



Clicking a command followed by a right-pointing arrow opens a submenu containing additional options. For example, click New to choose from the various new items you can create.


Clicking a command followed by an ellipsis opens a dialog box containing various options. For example, clicking Print opens the Print dialog box. Make your selections in the dialog box and click OK.


Expanding Menus

By default, when you click a menu name, Outlook displays a short version menu that contains only the commands you use frequently. To expand the menu to display all its commands, click the down-arrow button at the bottom of the menu. To configure Outlook to display the entire menu by default, open the Tools menu and choose Customize; in the dialog box that opens, click the Options tab, click the Always Show Full Menus check box to put a check mark in it, and click the Close button.