Setting Up Recurring Tasks



After you've created a new task or opened an existing one, click the Recurrence button.


Click the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly option button to set the recurrence pattern.


The options for the recurrence pattern vary depending on your selection in step 2. Make your selections accordingly.


If you routinely perform a certain task, such as backing up your computer once a week, you can set it up once as a recurring task rather than creating the same task over and over again for each occurrence. You can start by creating a new task or by setting the recurrence for an existing task.


Creating a New Task

To schedule a new recurring task, open the Actions menu and select New Recurring Task. The Task Recurrence dialog box opens; fill it out as described in this task. Then, in the Tasks window, add the details for the actual task.



Specify the range of recurrence?that is, over what period of time the recurring appointment will occur.


Click OK.


The Tasks window's date and time information lists the recurrence details you entered; click Save and Close.


The Tasks list displays a special icon for recurring tasks.


Editing a Recurring Task

If you double-click a recurring task in your Tasks list, you are prompted to select whether you want to edit just that specific instance of the task (Open This Occurrence) or every instance of it (Open the Series) . Make your choice, click OK, and then make changes as needed.


Deleting a Recurring Task

To delete a recurring task, click it in the Tasks list and then click Delete. You are then prompted to select whether to delete this and all future recurrences or just this one; make your selection and click OK.