Setting E-mail Options



Open the Tools menu and choose Options.


The Options dialog box opens. Click the E-mail Options button to open the E-mail Options dialog box.


To specify which message to display after you move or delete an item, choose an option from the After Moving or Deleting an Open Item drop-down list.


You have many options for controlling how mail is created, sent, handled, and more. For example, you can specify whether, when you reply to a message, Outlook should include the text of the original message. You can also specify whether a copy of a sent message is stored in the Sent Items folder. You make these changes using the E-mail Options dialog box.



Enable or disable any additional message-handling options.


Using the drop-down lists in the On Replies and Forwards area, specify whether Outlook should include the original message text when you reply to or forward a message.


Click OK in the E-mail Options dialog box, and again in the Options dialog box.


Saving Copies of Sent Messages

By default, Outlook saves a copy of every e-mail message you send in the Sent Items folder. If you don't want a copy saved, uncheck the Save Copies of Messages in Sent Items Folder check box in the E-mail Options dialog box. You might do this if you don't need these copies or you don't want to take up the disk space required to store these messages.


Reply and Forward Options

For replies and forwarded messages, you can choose to attach the original text, to include and indent the text, or to add a prefix to each line of the original message or reply without including the original text.