Viewing a Contact Journal



In the contact list, double-click the contact whose journal you want to review.


In the Contact window, click the Activities tab.


If you use the journal to record activities, you may need to review it periodically. For example, suppose you need to make a sales call and want to check on past conversations with a contact. You can check all journal entries before the call.



A list of all journal entries for this contact appears. To open and view a particular journal entry, double-click it in the list.


The Journal Entry window opens, containing the journal entry you selected. Review it and make changes if needed.


Click the Save and Close button in the Journal Entry window to close (and update, if you made changes) the journal entry.


Deleting an Entry

To delete a journal entry, click it in the list shown in the Activities tab of the Contact window, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. The item is moved to the Deleted Items folder (for more information about this folder, refer to Part 3 of this book).


Adding Journal Entries Automatically

You can automatically track certain activities for contacts, such as e-mail messages, meeting requests, and tasks. See the next task for more information.