Adding a Web Page Link to a Message



Create a new message, completing the To and Subject fields, and begin typing the message text.


When you get to the spot in the message text where you want to insert the link, type the Web address of the site (in this example,


Finish typing the message and send it as usual.


Your e-mail message is not limited to including only text. In fact, it can include any number of other elements, including links to Web sites. Using Outlook, you can e-mail a link to a site to another person. When that person opens the message, he or she can click the link to go to the site.


Sending Mail from Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer includes a Mail toolbar button for sending a link or page directly from the Web site. Click this button to create a mail message with the link or page included.


Pasting the Address

If you prefer, you can copy an address from your Internet browser by first selecting it and then opening the Edit menu and choosing the Copy command. You can then paste the link into the message using Edit, Paste.