Sending a Letter to a Contact



After you create a new contact or open an existing one to whom you want to send a letter, open the Actions menu and choose New Letter to Contact.


Word's Letter wizard starts. Select a page design and letter style, and click Next.


The contact's name and address are pulled from the contact list and inserted in the Recipient's Name and Delivery Address fields. Type a salutation and click Next.


If you want to send a letter to a contact whose address information has been entered into Outlook, you don't need to look up the address and then type it into a document. Instead, you can create a letter, complete with the address information, from within Outlook. This feature uses Word's Letter wizard; after using Outlook to create the letter, you type, save, and print the letter from within Word. Note that to use this feature you must have Word installed on your computer.


Skipping to the End

You can skip steps in Word's Letter wizard and accept the default settings by clicking the Finish button.



Select any other elements you want to include in your letter (a reference line, mailing instructions, attention, subject, or cc entries) and click Next.


Complete the sender information, including your name, address, and closing, if needed.


Click Finish.


A Word window opens with your letter displayed. Type the letter. (Consult Word's online help or Easy Microsoft Word 11 for complete instructions on typing, formatting, and printing a letter.)


Performing a Mail Merge

You can use your contact list to create a mail-merge letter in Word. Consult your Office manual for instructions.


Printing Envelopes

To print an envelope, use Word's handy Tools, Envelopes and Labels command. Again, consult Word's Help system or Easy Microsoft Word 11 for complete details on using this program.