Adding a New Contact



In the main Outlook toolbar, click the New button.


Type your contact's full name into the Full Name field. Outlook uses this name for the File As field.


Click in the Job Title field and type your contact's job title.


Type the name of the company where your contact works into the Company field.


Just as you pencil names and addresses into a printed address book, you can use Outlook's Contacts feature to keep contact information for friends, family members, and colleagues up to date. In addition to enabling you to enter standard contact information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, Outlook allows you to add personal information, such as birthdays and spouse names, about each contact. You can also enter information about the company each contact works for, his or her job title, and the name of your contact's assistant. You can complete as much or as little information as you need.


Navigating the Contact Window

Rather than clicking in each field before typing in it, you can press the Tab key on your keyboard to move from field to field in the Contact window.



Type your contact's various phone numbers into the Business, Home, Business Fax, and Mobile fields.


Type the contact's mailing address into the Addresses area. If this is the mailing address, check that text box.


Click the E-mail field and type the contact's e-mail address.


Click the Save and Close button to create the new contact.


Adding Other Information

You can also type your contact's Web page address, IM address, and any notes about the contact in the General tab of the Contact window.


Customizing Fields

Some fields in the Contact window, such as the ones in the Phone Numbers and Addresses areas, are preceded by down-arrow buttons. Click any of these buttons to reveal a drop-down list of other field options. For example, you can click the down-arrow button next to the Business field in the Addresses section and choose Home from the list that appears; then you can enter the contact's home address in the field. To again view the business address, simply click the down-arrow again and choose Business from the list. For more information about customizing fields, see the task "Customizing Contact Fields" later in this part.