Creating New Folders



To create a new folder, open the File menu, choose Folder, and select New Folder.


The Create New Folder dialog box opens. Click the folder in which you want to place the new folder.


Type a name for the new folder in the Name field.


In addition to using Outlook's default folders, you can create your own folders. For example, you might create folders for messages that you want to save?one for business correspondence and one for personal mail. Alternatively, if you frequently correspond with several people, you might create a folder for each person and store messages to and from each person in his or her own folder.



To specify what you intend to store in this folder, click the down arrow next to the Folder Contains field and choose an entry from the list that appears.


Click OK.


The folder is added.


Folder Placement

To place the folder at the same organizational level as the default mail folders, select Personal Folders in step 2. To nest the folder within an existing mail (or other) folder, select that folder. For example, to create a subfolder within your Inbox, select Inbox in step 2.


Moving Messages

After you have set up a new folder, you can move existing messages into that folder to keep your messages organized. See the task "Organizing Messages in Folders" for help moving messages.