Flagging a Contact for Follow-Up



After you create a new contact or open an existing one that requires follow-up, click the Follow Up button in the Contact window.


Click the down-arrow next to the Flag To field and choose Follow Up, Call, Arrange Meeting, Send E-mail, or Send Letter.


Type a due date for the action in the Due By field, or click the down-arrow next to the field and use the minicalendar to locate the date.


To help you remember which of your contacts are expecting some sort of action from you, whether it's placing a phone call or sending an information packet, you can flag those contacts with whom you need to follow up. Then you can see at a glance which of your contacts require your attention.


A Shortcut

If you prefer, simply click?rather than open?the contact you want to flag for follow-up in the contact list, and then click the Follow Up button on the main Outlook toolbar.



If the action should be performed before a particular time on the due date, type the time into the field next to the Due By field (the default is None).


Click OK.


The flag is noted on the Contact window, as well as in the contact list.


Marking the Activity as Complete

If you want to keep the flag but indicate that the activity was completed, click the flag and then select Completed from the list that appears. Alternatively, remove the flag by clicking it and selecting Normal from the list that appears.


Viewing Flagged Contacts

To view all flagged contacts on one screen, click the By Follow-up Flag option button in the Current View area of the Contacts Task pane. (To learn more, see the task "Changing the Contacts View.")