Requesting a Receipt



After you create a new message, completing the To and Subject fields and typing the message text, click the Options button on the Message window's toolbar.


The Message Options dialog box opens. To request a delivery receipt, click the Request a Delivery Receipt for This Message check box to select it.


To request a read receipt, click the Request a Read Receipt for This Message check box to select it.


Click the Close (x) button and send the message as usual. When the message is delivered and/or read, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail message.


If you want to be sure that someone has received your message, you can request a delivery receipt. That way, when the recipient downloads your message from his or her ISP's e-mail server, you receive a message indicating that your e-mail was delivered. In addition, you can request a read receipt, which notifies you when your message is opened by the recipient.


No Receipt Received?

If you've requested a receipt but don't receive one, it doesn't necessarily mean your message wasn't delivered or read. Some e-mail programs do not send delivery or read receipts.